Featured Publications

Richards, T. N., Wright, E. M., Nystrom, A., Gilbert, S. L., & Branscum, C. (in press). On Assessing the Scope of Missing Native Americans in Nebraska: Results from a State-Wide Study and Recommendations for Future Research. Race and Justice. Advanced online publication. doi.org/10.1177/21533687211047933 CrimRxiv post-print here

Butler, L. C., Graham, A., Fisher, B. S., Reyns, B. W., & Henson, B. (In press). Examining the effect of perceived responsibility on online bystander intervention, target hardening, and inaction. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Advanced online publication. doi.org/10.1177/08862605211055088

Gilbert, S.L., Wright, E.M., & Richards, T.N. (2021). Decolonizing VAWA 2021: A Step in the Right Direction for Protecting Native American WomenFeminist Criminology, 16(4), 447-460. doi.org/10.1177/15570851211016044

Murphy, C., Richards, T. N., Nitsch, L., Green-Manning, A., Brokmeier, A. M., LaMotte, A., & Holliday, C. (2021). Community-Informed Relationship Violence Intervention in a High Stress, Low-Income Urban Context. Psychology of Violence, 11(6), 509–518. doi.org/10.1037/vio0000387 CrimRxiv post-print here

Kulig, T. C. (2021). Measuring Sex Trafficking: A National-Level Victimization Survey of an At-Risk SampleJustice Quarterly. Advanced online publication. doi.org/10.1080/07418825.2021.1909646 CrimRxiv post-print here.

Mourtgos, S. M., Adams, I. T., Nix, J., & Richards, T. N. (2021). Mandatory Sexual Assault Kit Testing Policies and Arrest Trends: A Natural Experiment. Justice Evaluation Journal, 4(1), 145-162. doi.org/10.1080/24751979.2021.1881410 CrimRxiv post-print here.